Managing Your Dairy

Managing a dairy can be a challenging and often stressful job, especially in today's environment where demands of increased production and efficiency are a reality of success or failure. By applying a few simple and proven management techniques designed and practiced by successful dairy managers, YOU and YOUR dairy can face these demands with confidence.

You have the land, the equipment, the cows, and the employees....

....Now its time to put it all together and take your dairy from GOOD to GREAT!

There are many factors that can influence the success of a dairy, but the # 1 thing that successful dairies have in common is ...

  • Organized work
  • Clear objectives
  • Written protocols
  • Obtainable Goals
  • Consistent training
  • Monitoring system

You have the opportunity to manage one of the most successful dairy operations in the world.

Management is the #1 key to a successful dairy business

You manage the people who manage your cows

Do You ...

  • Know the current status of your dairies performance ?

  • Know where you want you're dairy to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years ?

  • Have a strategy to reach your goals ? Do you HAVE goals ?

  • Have employees that know what they are responsible for ?

  • Have a way to monitor the progress of your dairy ?

  • Have a plan for unexpected events ?


Successful - well managed dairies are...

  • Large
  • Small
  • Old
  • New
  • Freestall
  • Tiestall

If your dairy is one of the above, then You have the opportunity to manage one of the most successful dairy operations in the country and even the world.


By implementing proven management techniques practiced by the most successful dairy businesses around the world.

Proven techniques that will...

  • Simplify management
  • Produce predictable results
  • Increase profitability
  • Clearly define your dairy objectives and goals
  • Maximize your return on investment
  • Make your job as manager easier and more productive


InfoDairy Management Experience...

InfoDairy's management instructor Adam Peffer has many years of successful large herd management experience.

Realizing the enormous value and demand for dairy management and training, Mr Peffer now is a full time author, speaker, and dairy consultant providing the dairy industry with valuable professional management and training that have helped many dairies worldwide increase their production and profits.

You also have the opportunity to manage one of the most successful dairy operations in the world. By learning and practicing these same skills, your dairy whether big or small, new or old, can achieve the results you want it to !

For more information on how you or your management team can learn and apply these valuable management skills, contact infodairy or fill out our on-line training form.




"Work smarter not Harder"




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