Dairy Cows and Replacements

  0209 assessing cattle lameness
  0107 locomotion scoring
  0105 foot bath calculation
  0104 bovine hoof lesion identification and severity score sheet
  0106 hoof trim sheet
  0133 hoof chart
  0108 predicting loss to lameness
  0109 hooftrim chute 1
  0110 hooftrim chute
  0205 foot template
  0206 Hock score
  0242 Dairy Cattle Lameness university

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Anatomy of a dairy cow


Cow health
  0241 Necropsy Manual
  0103 ear tag placement
  0120 properly restraining cattle
  0123 bcs intro
  0129 learn to score bcs
  0124 bcs recomended
  0125 bovine leukosis virus
  0126 BVD
  0128 displaced_abomasum
  0130 Scoring udder edema
  0132 why do I need to take the fresh cow
  0210 Estimation of body condition
  0190 Mastitis disease and its spreading
  0191 Mastitis prevention and diagnostics
  0244 mastitis 101
  0260 Environmental Mastitis
  0197 Pregnancy and calving
  0202 drench-hose placement
  0219 Euthanasia of dairy cattle Euthanasia of dairy cattle
  0253 cost of comon disease in USA
  0256 Focus on fresh cows - management Focus on fresh cows - management
  0284 use duct tape on the dairy  
  0268 retained placenta in dairy cattle
  0281 M700 Thermometer  
  0275 How to identify at risk cows

Milk Quality
  0111 Hygiene scoring card pdf
  0112 milk quality posters pdf
  0194 Milking machine
  0195 Milking principles
  0200 Secretion of milk in the udder
  0212 Udder Hair Removal - how to singe udders
  0217 The 7 habits of a highly successful milking routine
  0282 Milk quality- Using the mastitis triangle


  0118 Ovsynch systems - estrus control ppx
  0119 Which cow is in heat? cow in heat
  0127 How to use the eazi-breed cidr pdf
  0131 Top ten priorities for a successful heat detection program pdf
  0187 Heat determination, natural and artificial insemination
  0198 Reproduction of milk cows
  0201 Cost of Pregnancy
  0203 Pregnancy Rate - A Clear Picture of Herd Performance
  0204 Dairy cattle gestation table
  0207 How to tail chalk
  0233 Bull report- Natural service vs. AI
  0235 Natural service vs AI- which is better
  0238 Five reasons for Ovsynch failure
  0270 How successful reproductive managers focus their time
  0296 A.I. Techique in Cattle
  0297 Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of Dairy Cattle
  0298 Handling of Frozen Semen Straws
  0299 Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination
  0300 Heat Stress Management and Reproduction
  0301 OvSynch, CO-Synch, PreSynch and KitchenSynch: How Did Breeding Cows Get So Complicated?


US Holstein Association
  0136 linier discriptive traits
  0137 pedigrees how to read
  0138 sire information how to read
  0139 US Registered Holsteins

  0113 evaluation of manure
  0114 the EZ feed computerized feed management system
  0130 Scoring udder edema
  0189 Maintenance and feeding of heifers
  0232 shaker-box-particle size calculator
  0276 What makes a milk cow ration profitable


  0184 Factors influencing the size and productivity of dairy heifers
  0185 Growth level
  0192 Measuring of growth level


  0100 calf respiratory scoring chart
  0101 harvesting and storing colostrum
  0102 using colostrometer
  0122 how to take a calf temp
  0182 Diarrhea of new-born calves
  0186 Hay feeding, concentrate feeding and water feeding
  0188 Importance of colostrum feeding
  0193 Milk feeding and milk substitutes feeding
  0196 Pneumonia in calves
  0199 Review of right managing approaches
  0214 Troubleshoot calf feeding practices
  0213 Evaluate calf bucket sanitation practices
  0226 Is Your Calf Bedding Deep Enough ?
  0234 Prevent umbilicus issues in dairy calves
  0245 Draxxin
  0272 Electrolytes for Dairy Calves


Dairy management training


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