Text Box: Dehorning

Preheat the butane or electric calf dehorner. While it is preheating, keep the dehorner away from bedding and / or other flammable material

Locate the horn buttons on each side of the head. Clip or trim hair away from the horn

When a yellow ring forms around the base of the horn, dehorning is complete. Repeat the process to the second horn.

Release and observe calf to make sure it returns to normal behavior after dehorning.

Text Box: Text Box: Properly restrain the calf, specifically the head, using a headlock or halter
Text Box: Place the hot butane or electric calf dehorner firmly over the horn while rotating the dehorner against the horn for 10 to 20 seconds
Text Box: Cover the burned horns with topical antiseptic spray to reduce risk of infection